With Comet EZ you can track people and assets, view employees closest to a work site, set geofencing perimeters, view specific groups, set alerts and run reports.

GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking, you will have complete visibility to current locations, proximity to jobs and customer locations, all from a cell phone, smartphone, tablet or vehicle-mounted device.


Enhance customer service, reduce response times, decrease fuel and labor costs by simply selecting a landmark or entering an address to identify closest workers or vehicles to a desired location.

Landmarks (Geofencing)

Enter, import or draw custom geofences to easily identify your locations, work sites, customers or other common destinations. Run reports to see how often and how long employees or vehicles were at a location.


Limit visibility, streamline reporting and identify where your workers or vehicles are by categorizing them by vehicles or groups. You can specify entire groups, subgroups, and zoom in and out to view your workers in real time.


Manage driving behavior and productivity by setting up alerts for speeding or excessive idle times. You may also set up maintanence alerts for your vehicles to keep you on the road and in front of your customers.


Run reports as needed or schedule reports to be automatically emailed. Comet EZ makes it easy for you to manage  location history, audit activity, speeding, stops, time servicing customers and alert history.

Cloud-based Application

Comet EZ is a web-based solution allowing you to access the information you need anytime, anywhere, with no software to install. Gain immediate access to your current workforce or fleet location and up to a year of historical information and robust reporting detailing routes traveled and driver behavior.