Recurring Work Orders

Create recurring schedules for work to auto-generate for assignment or to be dispatched directly to your workers. Enhance scheduling and customer service by ensuring jobs are completed on time and on schedule.

Email Notifications

Automatically send new order notifications, inform customers that a worker is on the way, and provide proof of delivery/work completion including signature and pictures.

Worker Order Sequencing

Make changes with ease. Order sequencing allows you to add new jobs to existing schedules or make adjustments on the fly. Simply drag orders up or down or rearrange as needed. Workers will receive notifications and schedules will instantly reflect changes.

Worker Profiles

Create detailed profiles of your employees including skill sets and other attributes as well have complete history of current workload, job history and timesheets.


Easily see schedules and availability of your workforce. Comet Mobile Worker provides calendars to see scheduled work for your employees and customers.


Easily see the location of your dispatched workforce. Comet Mobile Tracker provides color-coded alerts so that you can view the status of dispatches and re-route if necessary.

Comet Insight

Get a visual representation of collected data in graph or chart format. Comet Insight delivers a more robust version of Comet Tracker, and is ideal for monitoring day-to-day operations.