With our Encore solution’s latest release, we also included some extra enhancements, in addition to the new Marketplace and Custom Lists feature. These upgrades are designed to make our application even easier and more convenient for your team to use, while also providing it with extra ways to gain return on investment.

Show Labels Option on Live View Map

On Encore’s GPS Tracking feature, monitored vehicles or mobile devices can now be toggled using a label that will display on the live view map, without you having to click on the desired user icon first. See more data about your mobile workforce’s distribution in near real-time, all at once.

Disable Editing of Previously Completed Form Fields

Now, you have the ability to prevent certain users from being able to edit specific fields on a completed form record. These can be set on an individual form field level within the existing form builder, allowing you to have greater security over who has permission to make changes to a digital document’s file.

Copy Orders Option in Dispatching

If you’re using Encore’s Job Dispatching feature, enjoy the ability to copy details from an existing work order to generate a new one. Save more time by not having to start constructing a new document type completely from scratch when building your company’s custom forms.

Order Reports: Closed Order Filter

For Encore’s default order reports and custom reports, there’s a new filter capability that can display both closed and open orders. Reference data collections via the Show Only Open Orders option to experience further avenues of customization when it comes to your business’s analytics.

Explore all of the intuitive new enhancements we’ve added to Encore in our latest release. Using the power of our solution’s most up-to-date features, continue developing a workforce that’s backed by data, simplified processes, and efficient coordination.

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