In our never-ending quest to continue enhancing Encore by adding new features to make it the most robust workforce-management tool available, we’re happy to introduce a plethora of new pre-fabricated Wireless Forms that we translated into Spanish.

Our goal is always to lessen the burden on you, and with so many Spanish-speaking customers using our software, we wanted to save you the time of having to translate and manually rebuild some of our most-used forms, as well as the new, important pandemic-related forms we recently released as part of our Employee Safety and Wellness Program.

We kicked off this initiative with nearly a dozen forms, now ready for you to use. Those forms are:

  • Formulario de Gastos (Expense Form)
  • Orden de Reparación de Automóviles (Auto Repair Order)
  • Kilometraje de Vehiculo y Gastos de Combustible (Vehicle Mileage and Expense Form)
  • Informe De Incidentes (Incident Form)
  • Solicitud de Tiempo Libre (Holiday Request Form)
  • Formulario de Queja (Complaint Form)
  • Consentimiento a Operación, Anestesia, o Procedimiento (Consent to Operation, Anesthesia, or Procedure)
  • Formulario de Estado de Salud (Health Status Form)
  • Coronavirus PUI y Asunto de Formulario (Coronavirus PUI and Case Form)
  • Covid-19 Reporte de Paciente Formulario (COVID-19 Patient Reporting Form)
  • Verificación de Entrega sin Contacto (Contactless Delivery Verification)

These new forms can be found by choosing the Modules section under the Administration menu and then clicking on the Find Modules tab. They’re sorted into their respective categories and can be added to your modules.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to add even more Spanish-language forms to our library. Again, our goal is to make life easier for you, giving you the freedom to devote more energy to running your business. We hope you’ll find this latest offering useful.

Are there any forms you’d like to see added to the list? We’d love to hear from you.

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