Recently, we added the Custom Lists feature to our Encore solution, a tool that makes it so much easier for you to manage and upload information to your digital forms within the application. Custom Lists is available to customers using either Encore Essentials, Encore Ultimate, Encore Vault Essentials, or Encore Vault Ultimate. It works by letting you import spreadsheet data via .CSV files, eliminating the need for most instances of manual data entry. Plus, once your spreadsheets are uploaded, you can easily search for products or inventory equipment by serial number, or you can automatically populate customer information via drop-down selections. All of these options within the Custom Lists feature help you save more time and money during daily operations.

Now, in our latest release, we’re taking the capabilities of Custom Lists a step further by making it possible for the feature to be used and accessed from the web version of Encore, in addition to the solution’s mobile version. Ensuring we build a versatile product is one of the most important things to us at Actsoft; Custom Lists’ new ability to be used from Encore’s desktop app adds extra flexibility to your operations by allowing your employees at the office to be able to help those who are working in the field even more. Any spreadsheet data imported to an electronic document at your company’s headquarters can be viewed and accessed by your remote staff from Encore’s mobile app, which provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Higher revenue savings from reductions in manual data entry
  • Increased collaboration between your office workforce and your mobile workforce
  • Improved productivity
  • More ways to save time and accomplish more tasks

With the Custom Lists functionality now being able to be used in Encore’s web application, the prospects of what your workforce is capable of are endless. How will you use our feature’s latest expansion to further improve your business plan?

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