When we introduced our Wireless Forms feature, we gave Encore users an easy way to cut costs, expedite job completion, improve accuracy, and take on more work. As part of our continued effort to improve customer experience, we recently launched a brand-new feature: Public Forms. This option gives Encore users the ability to share Wireless Forms with their customers through a dedicated, secure link. Using these links, customers can supply companies with the information necessary to both create work orders faster than ever before. Here, three ways Public Forms can help your business.

Collect information 24/7.
Public Forms makes it possible for businesses of any size to keep lines of communication with their customers open, no matter what time of day it is. Giving your customers access to a service request form means that if, for example, they have a non-emergency request to put in, they can simply fill out the form and that job order is ready for you as soon as the next workday starts. Your customer doesn’t need to wait around for someone to be available to pick up the phone and can instead go about their day worry-free.

Expedite time spent at jobs.
Our Wireless Forms feature already makes collecting job-site data a much easier process than it ever was with physical documents. Now you can save even more time by sending customers these public forms ahead of time. This lets you collect vital information that you might normally take care of when you arrive. Giving the customer an easy means to supply you with everything you need to know before you show up means you can get in, start working, and get out much faster than before.

Field customer service comments.
Are you delivering the best possible service you can to your customers? Make it easy to follow up by creating a form that lets your customers provide valuable feedback when a job is completed. This shows them that their satisfaction is important to you, and it supplies you with crucial information to help refine your business practices moving forward, if necessary.

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