Three Essential Tips for Improving Time Management

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Time is the one of the few resources that can’t ever be gained back once it’s been spent. This statement particularly resonates in the workplace setting, where optimized productivity and the acquisition of true efficiency are essential to success. Because abundant surpluses of wasted time can be detrimental to high motivation, ensuring that your company’s

Tracking and Tackling: The Future of Football

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How hard do linemen in the National Football League hit each other? How fast do wide receivers run their routes? How far do teams travel during one game? On any given Sunday, televisions tune into football across America. It is the great American spectacle, culminating annually at the Super Bowl. Football teams meet in the

What’s so Great About the Galaxy Tab?

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In the Mobile Resource Management space, there is an evolution away from using applications exclusively to track mobile workers. When GPS capabilities were first introduced, tracking was by far its most compelling feature. Everyone remembers "dots on a map." Now, companies of all sizes are using the basic functionality of GPS and wireless integration in

Police Departments “Go Fishing” for Car Thieves

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Step one to catching a great fish, or in this case criminal, is using the right kind of bait. What seems like an abandoned Honda, Acura, or Toyota can be very appetizing to a potential car thief. The strategically placed car or truck just looks too good to pass up. Coast is clear, so he

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