5 Tips for Improving Staff Retention


As a business owner, one of the most important contributing factors to maintaining a successful company is employing a hard-working, competent team of people; one where each person fulfills a role in keeping everything running the way it should be, with as few hiccups as possible. While new faces added to an already established team can be a great way to invigorate staffers with a fresh new perspective and take on how to approach the company’s needs, it’s important that brand-new faces don’t necessarily become de rigueur for your team. What I mean by that is: If you’re constantly bringing […]

Why Customer Experience Rocks!

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Having a quality customer experience team is one of the most essential factors to the success of any modern business. No matter what type of product or service your team sells, maintaining easy accessibility to your customer base and providing quality assistance to it is one of the best ways to retain business and also expand to new prospects. Offering helpful, readily-available aid to customers who currently use your business’ product or service is a great way to ensure that they stay with your business, rather than turning to one of your competitors. After all, if a customer doesn’t know […]

Team Building in the Workforce


While much of the country finds itself on ice, eager to begin thawing out from winter’s chilly embrace (even down south where Actsoft’s home office is), in the wake of a storm appropriately called a “bomb cyclone,” it may seem strange that I’m over here thinking about the idea of summer outings. (Or maybe not. It’s cold and I crave warmth.) As I sit at my desk, a scarf wrapped around my neck, I can’t help but think ahead to warmer temperatures and being outdoors. And, being in the office, my train of thought then drifted toward summer outings. As […]

NFL’s Rams and Chargers Relocations Call for a Large Construction Project


The Los Angeles Rams were one of the hottest teams heading into the NFL playoffs this year. Sporting an 11-5 record, the team relied on a high-octane offense that featured all-star running back Todd Gurley, second-year quarterback Jared Goff, and veteran wide receiver Sammy Watkins. However, these Rams have only been in California since 2016 due to a recent franchise relocation from St. Louis, Missouri, and because of this, the team currently plays its home games in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at the University of Southern California. A college stadium obviously isn’t ideal for a professional football team like the […]

Grappling with Conflict in the Workplace


There’s always talk of leadership in the workplace as if it’s this mystical cure all that magically unifies your workforce. The truth is leadership requires a very specific skill, conflict resolution to be precise. Your effectiveness as a leader directly relates to your ability to identify, address, and resolve conflicts between the groups following your direction. If you make it a point to avoid conflict, leadership isn’t for you. Now, I’m not saying seek it out, but the best leaders understand that discord is bound to occur, so they remain steadfast with their direction and guidance to see their teams […]

Mental Health in the Workplace


It’s a pretty safe bet to say that we spend a lot of time at work. Many professionals spend 40 hours a week working (some much more than that). Regardless of the amount of time you spend on the clock, stress and mental strain can be expected on the job. If that stress goes unchecked for too long, it can create serious problems for employees and organizations alike. Deteriorating mental health isn’t a closed off issue unique to one person at a time; it affects everyone. It influences the way we work in teams, our consistency, and even our professionalism […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Politics In The Workplace


Recently, the election cycle in the United States has been one for the ages. At points, it’s been so explosive that it’s probably hard to resist picking your coworkers’ brains about their political viewpoints. Curiosity aside, is the office an appropriate place to discuss your affiliation with Clinton or Trump? What about other political events? Should you be able to discuss your views about Brexit on the clock? How do you handle hot button subjects like these in a professional realm where neutrality is usually the status quo? Workplace Policy According to Holland & Knight Law, many employees and employers alike […]

Email Etiquette and the Rules of Virtual Engagement


At work, it’s a given that you’ll probably send and receive emails. Emailing isn’t industry specific but it is a staple of business environments. It’s how your employees speak with your clientele and how they coordinate between departments internally. Even though email is common practice, there’s still a decorum to consider. Sending the wrong type of email can lead to big problems (up to termination) very quickly. So here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit send on your next message: Emails are NOT private Emails are company property. At any point in time, they can […]

Management vs Leadership, Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Successful businesses have many moving parts. The data and metrics have to be accounted for, personnel have to be organized, and strategy must be crystal clear to keep everything operating fully. However, the only way these things happen is with guidance. Guidance comes in many different versions. Here, we’ll discuss guidance in the forms of leadership and management. Leadership vs management is a timeless debate in the workplace. There are many questions surrounding the two concepts. Can a good leader be an effective manager, does a manager need leadership skills, are the two concepts even interchangeable? Well, it starts with […]

The Truth About Communication Between Departments


As a content producer, I take complicated ideas and repurpose them with clear, effective messaging. To do this, I rely on collaboration with different departments. Over time, I’ve realized one thing: People don’t always communicate the same way I do.  From graphic designers to web developers, sales representatives, and everyone in between, we all have different professional perspectives. Executive leadership personnel and managers are no exceptions either; they have specific criteria they must follow to lead their teams to success. In the professional realm, everyone has deliverables and obligations. Teamwork and open mindedness are invaluable, regardless of your area of […]