It’s Morphin’ Time! – Dispatching & Disasters


Few franchises embody the 90s like the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” do. In an era where “attitude” and martial arts were huge draws to the American audience, Power Rangers was an undeniable juggernaut. With over twenty years of installments and a new movie premiering this March, the appeal of the Power Rangers is still burning strongly. A staple of the Power Rangers is gigantic clashes between massive monsters and the heroes’ equally large Megazord. More often than not, the arena for these titanic throw-downs would be a densely populated, urban metropolis. While there is no doubt the skyscrapers and bridges […]

Where’s Waldo?…At Work!


Most of us are familiar with the children’s game books “Where’s Waldo?” wherein the object of the game was to find the titular character hidden amongst a vibrant backdrop.  Now, assuming Waldo is a working member of society, his penchant for getting lost begs the question “how does that affect his employer?” If Waldo is on the clock every time he gets lost, it goes without question that he is hurting his employer’s bottom line. What are some reasons Waldo’s employer should actively track his time? Understanding Employee Utilization and Capacity While Waldo remains lost while clocked into work, he […]

Three Things Successful Fleet Managers Never Do


Managing a fleet of vehicles is a grand task for whomever decides to take it on. In addition to propelling their workforce to specific levels of productivity and efficiency, managers must also ensure the safety of their workforce and encourage the development of positive habits. Below are a few things successful fleet managers never do.   Complicate Fleet Maintenance In order to maintain the integrity of your fleet, you have to ensure that vehicular maintenance is a simplified process. Complicated processes discourage employees from engaging in them. In this instance, overcomplicating a process will yield the negative result of not […]

Weather Disasters & Wireless Forms


In 2016, there were 91 incidents of weather, climate, or geological disasters across the United States. From floods and blizzards in the northeast to wildfires in the west and a hurricane in the south, these catastrophes amounted to over 46 billion dollars of damage. Once these forces of nature exact their toll on the United States, response to the aftermath must be swift in order to prevent the loss of human life. Only secondary is the assessment of damage caused by these events. The structural integrity of major constructs, such as levees and bridges, along with that done by comparatively […]

Martial Arts & Management


The martial arts of East Asia have long fascinated people in the West. The proliferation of martial arts through the film industry only served to boost the aforementioned fascination: Images of ninjas, Shaolin monks, and the late, great Bruce Lee performing gravity-defying kicks have captured the hearts of audiences for decades. These techniques, however, were not acquired overnight and only through the fundamentals of control, training, self-discipline, and continuous learning were they mastered. These fundamentals do not lend themselves only to mastering forms of combat, but also to mastering management processes and dominating your market. Control Martial arts differentiates itself […]

Excellence Is A Habit


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant Every business is conceived with the goal of success in mind. Each enterprising entrepreneur sets out to realize their dream to the best of their ability. While some of them manage to achieve success, others flounder and never reach the heights the imagined initially. Well, what separates one from the other? What decides the business that prospers and the business that does not? The simple answer is “habit.” The idea of repeating actions until they become instinctual is a timeless concept. From […]

Good Communication: The Foundation of Success

Good Communication Blog

Communication is key. Whether it is between first responders to a natural disaster or two people in a relationship, communication is imperative. The only way to achieve any measure of success is for all parties involved to have a strong sense of transparency by consistently and clearly relaying information with one another. The sentiment rings true even for businesses managing mobile resources. With business entities’ extending their reach across larger geographical regions, the need for a means to organize their workforces effectively becomes even more crucial. Like the common carpenter ant colony, a business must have a hierarchy by which […]

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Tracking


Workforce management is a multifaceted area spanning wireless forms, dispatching, timekeeping, and vehicles. We have explored how these aspects work together to bolster the efficiency of a business over the course of time. This week, we focus on the final aspect of workforce management: Tracking. “Knowledge is Power” is an age-old idiom. Within the realm of workforce management, knowledge of your employees and their whereabouts directly relates to the productivity (or power) of your business. When employees are operating remotely, their actions are not completely transparent to their managers. Unfortunately, some employees take advantage of this lack of visibility to […]

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Vehicles, Part II

Vehicles II Blog

Last week, we explored the management of the vehicles within your workforce. We primarily focused on the benefit that tracking your equipment provides against theft. While defending against theft is imperative, it is not the only way to manage the non-human components of your workforce. Vehicles, in order to continue to contribute to your business effectively, require constant inspection and careful attention paid to how they are used. Vehicular management can present itself in the flavors of the maintenance of the vehicle’s parts to ensure it remains a part of the fleet and a detailed look at the vehicle’s fuel […]

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Vehicles, Part I


Over the last few weeks, we have been tackling the return experienced after investing in wireless forms, dispatching, and timekeeping. While integral in increasing the overall efficiency of a workforce, these aspects all have a common lynchpin: the human element. There exists another element of the workforce that, while a bit less prone to going against the grain, still require ample amounts of attention in order to ensure it is conducive to the growth of the business. That aspect is known as your “Vehicles” or “Fleet.” Businesses with employees that operate away from the main office must account for the […]