GPS Tracking

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With safety top of mind, we offer solutions to help school buses run
more efficiently. Our products offer features to keep drivers compliant
while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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GPS Tracking

Track students and buses. Ensure bell time reporting, proper driver behavior and location. Avoid hazardous traffic conditions and keep record of inspection compliance.
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Big Savings

Our products help save you money. By reducing idling you can save on fuel costs. Instant maintenance alerts remind  you when it is time to service your vehicle.
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Child Safety

Your child’s safety is important to us. Pre and post trip proof of inspection, panic buttons and hard braking/speeding alerts provide safeguards to help your child travel safely.
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In the Field

  • Clock in/out on the bus
  • Ensure compliance/safety with trip inspections
  • Panic button for emergency situations

In the Office

  • Know exactly where buses are
  • Reduce paperwork and data entry
  • Manage parental complaints
  • Respond instantly in emergencies

For Parents

  • Know where your child’s bus is
  • Ensure a greater degree of safety
  • Improve peace of mind