Enhance your ability to comply with safety regulations and to
respond quickly when emergencies arise. Maintain real-time
updates on patient visits and maximize staff productivity.

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Visits and Deliveries

Gather information so you can assign patient visits, pickups and deliveries. Real-time updates help you to improve patient care and save money.
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GPS Tracking

Track vehicles, assets and people. View current location and proximity to jobs. Monitor clock in/out, idle time, routes traveled, arrival/departure times and speed.
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Electronic Forms

View and understand information relevant to your workforce. Complete patient information, capture signatures and keep track of inventory electronically.
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Learn how you can benefit

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In the Field

  • Receive assignments and updates electronically
  • Panic button for emergencies
  • Complete and submit paperwork from the field

In the Office

  • Wireless time clock reduces paperwork and payroll hassles
  • Reduce or eliminate data entry
  • Assign the right caregiver to the right patient

Your Patients

  • Respond to patient’s needs quickly
  • Automate email communication with patients and their families
  • Ensure continuity of care