Work Flow


Job order sequencing, wireless invoicing,
pre-schedule recurring orders and worker profiles

Automate your workflow processes with the ultimate mobile resource management powerhouse.

Comet Mobile Worker includes everything Comet Tracker offers plus complete wireless inventory management, work order sequencing, calendars, worker profiles, and so much more!

Recurring Orders


Automate scheduled work orders. Create schedules for recurring work without having to rely on multiple systems and calendars.Learn More »



Invoices generated at time of service allow you to visit more customers in less time. With “instant” invoices you can bill customers at time of service.Learn More »

Email Notifications

Asset Protection

Stay in touch with your customers throughout workflow processes. Send order confirmations or proof of delivery/service along with pictures or signatures. Learn More »

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“We currently have a worker that routinely over bills our company by 8-13 hours bi-weekly for a job worked. We pay him $50 an hour. The over billing for time not worked cost us approximately $800-1300 monthly. On this employee alone, we will save $800-1300 on a monthly basis which is $9,600-$15,600 yearly.”

Cindy Larose, Operations Manager, Coast Construction Company

“With equipment costs ranging from $27,000 to as much as $180,000, one piece of equipment that is prevented from being stolen is a big return on investment.”

Danny Whitfield, Owner, Haas-Anderson Construction

“If you have 15-16 users making $16,000-$100,000 a year, and you can save time for each one, even a 2% return is a benefit.”

Steve Womack, Neighborhood Health Care of Texas

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