Increase productivity, reduce data entry and validate time by having field workers clock in and out as well as record breaks and lunches directly on their wireless devices. All punches are time, date and GPS location stamped, and information is transmitted to the office within moments.

Time Entry Management

Have instant access to electronic timesheets. Review, correct, approve and access reports. Download your timesheets to Excel or send them directly to existing payroll applications.

Supervisor Time Entry

Eliminate wasted time and trips to the office to submit timesheets. Supervisors or crew leaders can capture time for their crews on their cellular phones, tablets or smart phones.

Business Intelligence

View, analyze and understand information relevant to the current performance and history of your business. Comet Tracker provides graphs and charts to help you visualize your key performance indicators.

Worker Status Updates

With instant updates you’ll know worker availability, job assignments and dispatching activity. You’ll be able to get a quick glance of current statuses, as well as historical data.

Violation Alerts and Notifications

Stay informed by receiving alert notifications of violations or bad habits such as speeding or hard braking as well as late arrivals, late departures and more.


Eliminate paper, have instant access to information and reduce data. Comet Tracker includes Standard Forms to capture basic information including barcodes, pictures and signatures. You can also use our Advanced Wireless Forms to capture even more data.

Panic Button Alert

Enhance safety by sending alerts if your employees experience trouble or are in a dangerous situation. Panic button is included on all cellular phones, smart phones and tablets.

Work Order Dispatching

Send work assignments electronically and receive real time updates. Coupled with Comet’s GPS tracking you can make better business decisions based on the worker closest to a customer.


Enhance communications with built-in messaging to and from your mobile workforce. Send order assignments, updates, traffic and weather alerts, or just a quick “hello” to your drivers.