Capture data and send it all electronically from the field to the office for instant analysis

Icon Eliminate Paper

Convert paper forms into electronic forms which can be deployed instantly from your wireless device to the field. With the form designer you can also create customized forms.

Icon Reduce Errors

Drop down lists, check boxes and automatic calculations allow your field workers to quickly capture information. With decision logic, your forms can be designed to guide workers through a defined workflow.

Icon Immediate Information

Reduce trips to the office with form information readily available in the application moments after being captured. Email copies of the form complete with your company logo directly to your customers upon submission.

Icon Signatures and Pictures

With GPS tracking you can see where every job-related activity took place. Capture signatures for proof of service or delivery. Take before and after pictures, and draw directly onto an image to identify items or communicate thoughts.

Icon Analyze Data

Visualize key performance indicators by utilizing the dashboard. With custom-made forms, reports and graphs, you will be able to view and understand information relevant to the current performance and history of your business and workforce.

Icon Export and Integrate

Reduce data entry by exporting collected information directly from the application. With Comet Connect and Actsoft’s Professional Services team, you can integrate with other systems to further streamline the process.

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