• GPS, MRM, LBS, what does it all mean?


    GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems. It’s a system of satellites and receiving devices (i.e. GPS enabled cell phones) that compute locations on Earth. designed to provide precise positional and velocity data and global time synchronization for air, sea, and land travel.

    MRM stands for Mobile Resource Management. It’s simply being able to manage your field personnel more efficiently using wireless technology and devices.

    LBS stands for Location Based Services. It’s a fancy way of explaining how wireless technology can integrate with global positioning services (GPS) providing multiple ways to manage your mobile resources.




  • What is the difference between Comet EZ, Comet Tracker and Comet Mobile Worker?

    Think of it as a three-tiered productivity suite. Your options are scalable to your needs.

    Comet EZ is entirely web-based, and gives you the basic essentials. It is the most cost-effective entry into mobile resource management.

    Comet Tracker is more robust, with a host of additional features. It is client-based, but also gives you access to the web, so you can access your basic data from any computer that has internet access. Because it lives behind your firewall, you can store or gather all of the information that matters to you, and everything is secure.

    Comet Mobile Worker is the “Big Daddy” of Actsoft. With additional advanced options, it literally allows you to manage your entire business virtually paper-free.

  • Does Actsoft’s Comet Suite track in real time?

    Actsoft tracks in real-time. As with all “real-time” GPS tracking, there’s a slight lag time of transmission between the request for information – through the wireless network – then back to you. Actsoft allows you to “ping” your devices as frequently as every 30 seconds.

  • Will mComet work on my phones?

    Chances are your phones are compatible with our software solutions. Get started today! Please contact an Actsoft expert via our contact form or call 888-732-6638 or 813-936-2331.

  • Will my employees know mComet is on their phone?

    Our product suite is designed as a productivity tool to enhance not only your operations, but also your mobile workers’ everyday job experience. However, our software is flexible enough so that you can hide the application when you are not using it.

  • Will mComet only work on phones or can I actually put it on a vehicle?

    Yes. Actsoft not only offers handset solutions, but vehicle mounted and battery powered asset tracking solutions as well. Additionally, for a low cost vehicle based solution, we have phone mounting kits that can secure your mobile devices to your vehicle. Email us for more details:

  • How does Actsoft integrate with my payroll or existing software system?

    Actsoft has the ability to integrate/interface with a variety of payroll and software systems. Features like wireless time clock, order creation, dispatching, and wireless forms, will help streamline your entire operation. Plus, it eliminates needless paperwork! For more information, email our dedicated integration team at

  • What is the difference between web-based or client-based access?

    With web-based access, there is no software to install and you can easily access programs from any computer with internet capability. In a client-based environment, we provide you with software that lives behind your firewall, giving you more control over your information.

  • How much do Actsoft’s products cost?

    For questions related to pricing or to get a free quote, email us at

  • Do I need to purchase any additional equipment for Comet Suite?

    We have plenty of options that do not require additional equipment purchase. However, certain specialized features may require additional equipment (i.e. barcode scanners, vehicle engine monitor, etc).

  • How do I get started with Actsoft?

    It’s so simple! Contact Actsoft’s sales team directly through our contact form or call  888-732-6638.

  • What is mComet?

    mComet is the application that is installed on phones in order to speak with Actsoft’s Comet Suite products on the computer.