New Features Sharpen Mobile Workforce Plus More Than Before


Expanding upon our existing Mobile Timekeeping functionality, customers will now have the option to set up crews and crew leaders within Mobile Workforce Plus. This will allow for crew leads to clock their respective crew members in and out from a single mobile device.

Crew Timekeeping will be a part of the current Mobile Timekeeping module and it affects both our web application and mobile application.

Crew Timekeeping can be enabled while editing the Mobile Timekeeping module and will be disabled by default.

Crew Timekeeping also introduces the following concepts.

  • Crew Leaders: These individuals will be able to clock their crew members in and out, as well as place them on breaks and lunches.
  • Crew Members: These individuals can be assigned to one or multiple crew leaders.


  • Record and clock in one or multiple employees at the same time from a mobile device.
  • Associate individual time entries with a crew lead or supervisor.
  • Provides crew leaders with additional control over crew time statuses.

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault


Please refer to the Crew Timekeeping: Web App and Crew Timekeeping: Mobile app for additional training materials.


Continuing with the Crew Timekeeping functionality, the following areas within our web application will be impacted to incorporate this feature:

  • Mobile Timekeeping module
    • User grid
    • User details
    • Timekeeping entries
    • Timekeeping reports
      • Crew Timekeeping details
      • Crew Timekeeping summary
  • Timekeeping dashboard
  • Timekeeping timeline

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault

Enabling Crew Timekeeping in the Timekeeping Module

Disabling Crew Timekeeping Window

Selecting Crew Leaders on User Details Screen

Selecting Crews on User Details Screen

Timekeeping Entries – new crew leader column

Time entry details – Crew Leader and User Selections

Timekeeping Entry Details – Show History (audit) including “Crew Leader”



Our final section overview covering Crew Timekeeping will focus on the mobile application and the capabilities that will be available for crew leaders to manage their crews. Crew Timekeeping will be incorporated within the existing Mobile Timekeeping module on their handset.

Crew leaders will be able to perform the following from the mobile application:

  • Crew leaders can manage multiple time crew member’s time entries.
  • Crew leaders can update the status (clock in/clock out, break, lunch) of their entire crew at once, or one or two crew members at a time.
  • Clock in and out forms are filled out when changing the status for multiple crew members. These apply to each crew member.
  • Add a crew member to their crew (only available if enabled for the crew leader in the web application).
  • Remove a crew member.

Crew leaders will see the following information when reviewing their crew member list:

  • Status icon (clocked in, clocked out, lunch, break)
  • User (name)
  • Status (clocked in, clocked out, lunch, break)
  • Date and time of their last status event (except clock-outs)
  • Duration time (total clocked in time only)


  • Crew leaders can concisely manage multiple individual’s time entries from a single device.
  • Crew leaders can update their crews by adding or removing crew members on the fly (if enabled).
  • Crew leaders have the flexibility to update one or multiple crew members’ time entry statuses from the mobile application.
  • Crew leaders can sort their crew members (users) by their name, time entry statuses, or by date, in ascending or descending order.

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault

Crew Timekeeping Member list (landing) screen

Crew Timekeeping Landing Screen Hamburger Menu Options

Adding a new Crew Member

Removing a User from your Crew

Selecting a status for multiple crew members

Selecting multiple crew members (users) to update their status

Updating a single crew member (user) status




Customers utilizing our Mobile Timekeeping module will now have expanded capabilities to create new time entries for users through our web application. This functionality will be available for managers and administrators to create time entries for their teams.


  • Administrators and Power Users can create new time entries for themselves, and users assigned to any groups they have visibility over.
  • Create time entries to reflect when employees have paid time off.
  • New time entries that are created from the web application will display on the affected user’s mobile application.

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault

Create new Time Entry Drawer


Customers editing the Job Dispatching module for their Mobile Workforce Plus account will now have an additional banner to indicate if there are new, unpublished changes to the Job Dispatching module.


  • Eliminates confusion for users to know if they need to publish their changes to the Job Dispatching module.

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault

New “There are unpublished changes” banner on the Job Dispatching edit module screen.


Due to new standards and functionality that have been incorporated in our Customer API, there are various additions being made to all our existing User API endpoints that will be implemented with this release.

The User API Endpoints that will be affected:

  • PUT Activate a User
  • POST Create a User
  • DELETE Deactivate a User
  • LIST Get a List of Users
  • LIST Get a User
  • PUT Update a User
  • PATCH Update Part of a User


  • Include Username and Group Name when using the “Get a List of Users” endpoint
  • Updated error codes for every method of the Users API
  • Add group name to list methods
  • Add username to list methods
  • Updates to Change History
  • Additional compatibility with Microsoft Flow

Tier/s available

  • Mobile Workforce Plus Commercial
  • Mobile Workforce Plus Vault