Asset Management Software with TeamWherx

Increase security over your company’s essential equipment with asset tracking software that helps protect your investments.
Never again question the whereabouts of your essential gear with TeamWherx™. Monitor the exact locations of your assets and keep tabs on their use from virtually anywhere with customizable alerts.

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How TeamWherx™ Enhances Asset Management:

Pinpoint the exact locations of your assets 24/7 with
GPS Tracking
Easily see where your equipment is, even when it’s on the move or away from the home office, no matter where you are, with easy-to-install tracking devices.
  • See the exact GPS positions of your assets on a live-view map.
  • Prevent unauthorized equipment use after hours.
  • Keep track of gear when dispersed in multiple locations.
Bring an additional layer of protection with
Geofences — digital areas that can be used for effective monitoring of equipment — help to ensure that all of your valuable assets are further protected, even when nobody is around.
  • Create custom boundaries around any number of job sites.
  • Ensure all equipment stays within designated boundaries.
  • Increase the chances of a faster recovery in the event of a theft.
Take faster action against improper equipment use with

Rest easier knowing there are “eyes” on your trusted equipment at all times by setting up customized alerts that will notify you immediately of any behavior that may warrant your attention.

Alert types:

  • Geofence boundary breaches
  • Tampering
  • Movement
  • Low power
  • Temperature changes

Ready to learn more about the benefits of asset tracking software for your organization?

Compatible Hardware for Asset Tracking and Management

Gain true insight on your equipment with TeamWherx™. Our software solution works in tandem with hardware types like these to help you better safeguard your team’s assets and monitor how they’re being used, with details about locations, movements, and more.
Suntech ST4940S
  • Low-battery alerts
  • Three-axis accelerometer and motion detector
  • Network: LTE Cat M1/NB IoT
  • One to three months of battery life
CalAmp TTU 720 Series
  • Ideal for stationary assets
  • Five-year battery lifespan
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • Daily alerts to ensure proper tracking
CalAmp TTU 2820 Series
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Rugged exterior to handle harsh conditions
  • Built-in cellular and GPS antennas
  • Built-in three-axis accelerometer to detect movement

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