Fleet Management Software with TeamWherx

A comprehensive fleet solution that helps your organization retain more profit and increase vehicle security.

Remove the guesswork from truly efficient fleet coordination with TeamWherx™. Our platform offers digital features to help you reduce fuel costs, extend your vehicles’ lifespans, and better protect them from theft or misuse via location reporting and alerts.

Lower Fuel Costs

Boost Fleet Security

Improve Vehicle Longevity

How TeamWherx™ Enhances Fleet Management:

Enforce responsible operations with
Fleet Tracking
Whether tracking a convoy of cars, semi-trucks, or vans, TeamWherx™ puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to see the near real-time positions of your vehicles and ensure they’re where they need to be.
  • Keep around-the-clock tabs on your fleet’s positioning.
  • Review the historical locations of your vehicles.
  • Monitor near real-time congestion patterns with Traffic Overlay.
Better safeguard your vehicles with
Easily draw digital perimeters around frequented locations in the field using the TeamWherx™ dashboard and live view map to more effectively track vehicle activity.
  • Receive alerts any time one of your tracked vehicles enters or exits a Geofence.
  • Know if a vehicle is moved from a certain area outside of working hours.
  • Help protect your high-value vehicles from becoming lost or stolen with 24/7 monitoring and field data collection.
Review activities for greater transparency via
Integrated Timelines
See individual comprehensive views of your mobile employees’ actions while on the clock, beginning from the minute they enter their work vehicles for the day.
  • See corresponding timestamps for digital form submissions, time punches, and more.
  • Know when your mobile staff arrived at certain jobs via data on stops made in the field.
  • See past routes driven, as well as instances of triggered alerts by your drivers.
Help reduce unnecessary vehicle wear with
Vehicle Summaries
With detailed data available about the individual ways each of your business’s vehicles are being used, you can increase productivity by adjusting fleet management strategies as needed.
  • See the most frequented historical locations by your vehicles.
  • Follow information about routine maintenance schedules to keep repair costs in check.
Decrease fuel expenses and potentially harmful employee driving with
Alerts provide you with digital notifications any time certain events occur regarding your fleet, particularly if they could be costing your organization unnecessary money or time.
  • Get notified if one of your vehicles is idling for too long and burning excess fuel.
  • Be alerted about detrimental driving behaviors like harsh braking or hard accelerations.
  • Know if a vehicle tracking device’s battery is low or if it’s disconnected.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of fleet tracking software for your organization?

Improve company image with
Driver Scorecards
View specific analytics on how each of your employees are driving when using company vehicles. Use these findings to install practices that enhance safety and efficiency whenever aspects of your business are on the road.
  • Use data to see areas where driver accountability can be increased.
  • Track instances of unauthorized driving behavior on an individual worker level.
  • Review totals pertaining to speeding, hard braking and accelerations, and more.
Make smarter decisions with
Power BI heat map integration
Our Professional Services team can help you take data collected using TeamWherx’s™ fleet tracking capabilities and visually represent it in Power BI, allowing you to see what areas your drivers go to the most.
  • Get more insight on where your employees are driving using company vehicles, as well as why.
  • Increase your company’s reach by identifying less frequented locations by your staff.
Compatible Hardware for Fleet Vehicles
Gain true insight on your vehicles and equipment with TeamWherx™. Our solution works in tandem with hardware types like these to help you better safeguard your team’s vehicles and monitor how they’re being used, with details about locations, speeds, route histories, and more.
Geotab GO Series Devices
  • Plugs in via OBD port
  • Connects to LTE networks
  • Has a built-in, auto-calibrating accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Sends advanced collision detection alerts
  • IOX port offers compatibility with additional hardware
CalAmp LMU 3000 Series
  • Plugs into OBD II Port (compatible with most cars, vans, and light-to-medium duty trucks)
  • Provides GPS intervals of 60 seconds or longer
  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 2.5 x 1″
CalAmp LMU 2600 Series
  • Internal or external antenna options available
  • Capable of power management and sleep modes
  • Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 0.85”

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