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Busting Burglars: Home Appliances and Tracking

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Imagine having just slated a recently constructed home for closing. There could be anywhere from a few days to a week before the closing actually occurs. During this window, appliances are installed within the home. This is also when thieves tend to target these homes to steal those appliances. Charlotte, North Carolina experienced a string

Workforce Management and the Return on Investment: Vehicles, Part II

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Last week, we explored the management of the vehicles within your workforce. We primarily focused on the benefit that tracking your equipment provides against theft. While defending against theft is imperative, it is not the only way to manage the non-human components of your workforce. Vehicles, in order to continue to contribute to your business

The Evolving Workforce: Rise of the Machines

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“Never send a human to do a machine’s job.” - Agent Smith, The Matrix Au contraire, Agent Smith. Humans have been doing jobs machines can accomplish from time immemorial. As time marches forward, however, machines have evolved; gone are the simple pulleys and levers, replaced by the children of fire and steel. The progression of