Too Fast, Too Furious — Monitoring Employee Speeding

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People love to move quickly. It is equal parts the desire to reach a destination faster and the desire for the thrill. Track meets, drag races, and fighter jet displays are just some of the methods used to achieve the thrills of speeding. However, the thrill of speeding drivers pose a detriment to your business

Idling Vehicles and The Fight Against Fuel Consumption

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The City of Ontario, California, recently implemented a pilot of anti-idling software across a variety of vehicles. In June 2016, according to the city’s fleet services manager Craig Grabow, Ontario calibrated five vehicles within its fleet with the software, while establishing an equal number of vehicles as the control group. Three of the vehicles operating

It’s Morphin’ Time! — Dispatching and Disasters

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Few franchises embody the 90s like the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” do. In an era where attitude and martial arts were huge draws to the American audience, Power Rangers was an undeniable juggernaut. With over twenty years of installments and a new movie premiering this March, the appeal of the Power Rangers is still burning

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Timekeeping

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The journey to optimum workforce management is a long and difficult one. Thankfully, we’ve been able to navigate the beginning portion of our trek with the aid of two “maps” on wireless forms and dispatching, respectively. As we continue this adventure, we encounter an aspect of workforce management that can be a figurative jungle to

One Band, One Sound: The Importance of Workforce Management

By |2019-03-12T14:44:24-04:00October 24th, 2016|Actsoft, Comet Tracker, Construction, Education, Field Service, Healthcare, Professional Service, Public Sector, Transportation, Utilities|

The term “precious resources” is often reserved for discussions concerning metals and fossil fuel. However, the term has recently been reattributed to the employees that make up a company’s workforce. Each employee functions as an integral portion of the greater organization, much like individual instruments within a band. Like instruments, employees require both adequate investment

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