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The term “precious resources” is often reserved for discussions concerning metals and fossil fuel. However, the term has recently been reattributed to the employees that make up a company’s workforce. Each employee functions as an integral portion of the greater organization, much like individual instruments within a band.

Like instruments, employees require both adequate investment and direction in order to operate at the pinnacle of their capacity. Companies are constantly exploring means to increase the productivity of their workforce; the necessity for improvement spurring businesses to blend their human resources with constantly improving forms of technology.

On the online publication Spark, Kathie Kelly discusses three workforce management strategies to increase productivity.

1. Digital Transformation
Identifying and adapting technologies that suit your organization is important. However, it is crucial that these systems are integrated into a single, simple-to-use platform and not a complex, hodgepodge of different pieces. With the proliferation of the smartphone and the tablet, this application can extend to those platforms to further increase workforce flexibility.

2. Mobile Workforce
With the overwhelming presence of mobile devices, there is no better method for keeping in constant communication with members of the workforce. However, mobile devices serve the function of keeping employees abreast of calendar events and manage applications such as contacts. Mobile devices also provide greater transparency between employee and manager; GPS functions allowing managers to know when and where their workers are at any given point throughout the workday.

3. Data Integration and Automation
Organization efficiency benefits from the automation of processes. Businesses often incur losses when their timekeeping, billing, and scheduling are conducted via traditional paper forms. Automating these processes mitigates the potential for errors, which in turn reduces the costs incurred.

The management of employees requires each aspect of the workforce to operate with incredible efficiency. Like a conductor directing an orchestra, managers must have clear and constant channels of communication between them and their workers. Understanding which pieces can increase the overall performance of the workforce is like unto identifying which instruments need to be added to improve the band’s sound. Finally, automating processes within the organization equates to instrument maintenance; the workforce can perform to the best of its ability knowing that the smaller details have been addressed. The management of the entire workforce requires synergy, each part coming together to equal a sum greater than themselves.

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