Thunder Force

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly be given unlimited power? To be able to transform the seemingly impossible into easily surmountable feats of heroism? That’s exactly what happens in the new Netflix movie, “Thunder Force.” (Well, sort of.)

In the film, a certain subgroup of people — those who have a proclivity toward criminal behavior — are given superpowers from a burst of cosmic rays, leading to decades of supervillain domination around the world. Emily Stanton, portrayed by Octavia Spencer, dedicates her life to finding a way to deliver those same powers to everyday people, in the name of leveling the playing field and giving the good guys a fighting chance.

Spencer teams up with comedian Melissa McCarthy in this epic showdown, so you know the movie is a laugh riot, chockfull of zany antics and slapstick humor. As ridiculous as the plot is, there is something to be taken away here: the importance that comes with having the upper hand when facing your competition.

The Power of MWP

Our solution is the key to not just leveling the playing field, but having a leg up over your competition. It brings to you an arsenal of tools that reshapes your approach to daily business, eliminating redundancies in workflows and introducing automation where it matters the most. The result is a workforce so efficient, you’re able to cut costs everywhere and take on more business, growing your bottom line which, in turn, helps you focus on expanding even more.

Defeat Paper

Wireless Forms is a feature that completely digitizes all of your dated paper processes. Using this, you can collect pertinent field data faster than ever, instantly relay it to administrators for immediate processing (and quicker-than-ever billing), and even allow multiple colleagues to collaborate on the same form from opposite ends of the world if need be.

Conquer New Jobs

Assigning new orders is a breeze with Job Dispatching, which harnesses the power of GPS to give you an at-a-glance update on your team members’ current locations and job statuses. This means you can use near real-time information to make the best decision when assigning new tasks and have a better chance at addressing customers’ needs the same day, rather than having to delay your response.

Superhuman Timekeeping

Say goodbye to timesheet discrepancies with the best, most transparent way to record hours. Mobile Timekeeping lets your team clock in and out from anywhere using their smartphones; plus, it adds a GPS stamp to each punch, so you can be assured workers are actually at job sites when they start the day.

These are just a few of the key features our solution can bring to your team, but they barely begin to scratch the surface. Give us a call and we can set up a time to show you exactly what our solution can do for your business, and how we can help transform your already amazing team into a group of empowered super workers.

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