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Is a Shorter Healthcare Workday on the Horizon?

By |2018-08-03T20:21:54-04:00February 5th, 2016|Comet Tracker|

A new healthcare initiative might be picking up speed in Sweden. Some Swedish healthcare institutions have started rolling out six-hour work days for their employees. The experiment, which began in February of 2015, is looking to shorten the average workday from eight hours, down to six, hopefully raising employee productivity, health and job satisfaction. So

Hard-Hat Heroics, Keeping Utilities Industry Workers Safe

By |2018-08-03T20:29:48-04:00February 1st, 2016|Comet Tracker|

Some of the most critical services needed to keep our society operating come from the Utilities Industry. Professions in Utilities range from electricians to wind turbine managers, with a host of different types of civil engineers and project managers included. We can all agree that the work they do is important to keep the lights

Cloud Computing: Why Companies Are Depending More On Outside Networks

By |2019-03-12T15:07:09-04:00June 26th, 2013|Blog, Comet Tracker|

As companies grow, diversify, and expand their information technology (IT) capabilities, the need for cloud computing does too, since these companies require multiple types of clouds all at once to meet their broad demands. Virtustream, a cloud-hosting solutions provider, has conducted research on the use of cloud computing and finds that the “majority of U.S.

Are You Using Comet Tracker Maps 10.1 & Older? You Must Upgrade To The Latest Version by December 31, 2012!

By |2018-10-19T18:36:32-04:00December 18th, 2012|Blog, Comet Tracker|

Your current version of maps for Comet Tracker 10.1 and older is set to expire! Upgrade FREE by December 31, 2012, to our most recent version of Comet Tracker maps. Comet Tracker is a versatile mobile management tool that will give you an immediate return on your investment. Save HUGE on fuel and maintenance by optimizing

Car Rental Companies and GPS Tracking Devices

By |2019-03-12T15:07:33-04:00December 13th, 2012|Blog, Comet Tracker|

Enhancing Operations Via Vehicle Tracking Car rental companies can really benefit from using tracking devices to monitor their fleet. GPS tracking systems have the ability to tell rental companies which cars are on the lot and where rentals are. But tracking systems aren't just good for tracking. They can also check cars in and out from

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