GPS map displayed on a car's center console

Your current version of maps for Comet Tracker 10.1 and older is set to expire! Upgrade FREE by December 31, 2012, to our most recent version of Comet Tracker maps. Comet Tracker is a versatile mobile management tool that will give you an immediate return on your investment. Save HUGE on fuel and maintenance by optimizing routes, minimizing idle/stop time, setting geo-fence parameters with customized polygons, and so much more. With live GPS tracking on local or satellite maps, monitoring and managing your employees has never been easier. Benefit from more robust maps to help track your fleet with ease.

Please note that your old version of Comet Tracker will expire by December 31, 2012. You will receive the following failure report:

Contact us today to receive your FREE upgrade to the most recent version of Comet Tracker maps!

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