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Software for
the Public Sector

Improve the public’s opinion with comprehensive tools that help you provide the most efficient service possible.

Mobile Workforce Plus gives your public sector workforce the tools it needs to better serve their community and provide the assistance that helps keep the public safe. Whether its day-to-day service needs or an urgent situation that requires quick and decisive action, our all-in-one solution enables managers to delegate tasks efficiently so their public sector team can focus on the task at hand and accomplish more in a tighter time frame.

Back office staff can efficiently process forms from their employees to manage the mobile workforce

In the Office

Monitor the near real-time positions of remote workers.

Improve communication with employees in the field.

Dispatch emergency workers to job sites without delay.

Staff in the field can easily automate their workflows connected to the back office

In the Field

Improve communication and expedite emergency dispatching.

Reduce time spent collecting data.

Keep high-value assets secure at all times.

Field services companies can ensure they serve their customers to the best of their ability by streamlining processes within our mobile workforce management platform

Your Customers

Provide a sense of security with expedient responses to inquiries.

Reach customers faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Provide better care to the local community during emergencies.

Essential Features for Public Sector Organizations

Job Dispatching
Empower your team to better respond to emergencies with improved, proximity-based dispatching that puts the right person on site faster.
Wireless Forms
Expedite work orders more efficiently and add a layer of accountability with signature, photo, and audio capture attached to digital forms.
Intra-Company Messaging
Ensure that all of your workers are on the same page by sending each one important updates at the same time through a secure network.
Mobile Timekeeping
Give employees the flexibility to punch in and out from a mobile device, and curtail needless overtime through more accurately recorded time.
GPS Tracking
Monitor the near real-time locations of your staff and their vehicles during business hours so you can better distribute work orders.
API Integration
Remove the unnecessary extra step of manually inputting field data into third-party software by setting up an automatic information feed.

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Seamless Integration for Public Sector Organizations

Mobile Workforce Plus includes capabilities for your public sector department to integrate its data with many kinds of third-party software, including accounting systems like QuickBooks Online. Information collected on the MWP platform, such as timesheet, route, and form data can be synced with the other applications you regularly use.

Intuit QuickBooks Online is among the many integrations connected through APIs seamlessly into our mobile workforce management platform

Integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking

Our public sector software solution is compatible with Geotab hardware, as well as CalAmp tracking devices for both vehicle and asset monitoring. It’s easy to connect these devices, and they work seamlessly in tandem with our software to provide diagnostics on fleet or equipment locations, routine maintenance, driving characteristics by employees who operate your organization’s vehicles, and more. Make smarter business decisions with information gathered from secure, integrated fleet and equipment tracking.

Our powerful mobile workforce management platform integrates with Geotab devices such as the Go9 to deliver a powerful fleet and asset management platform

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Sector Software

Public sector software empowers organizations to utilize their resources and better service the people of their communities. Public sector workforces are managed more efficiently in one centralized platform with management features such as scheduling software, mobile forms, data collection, GPS, fleet, and asset tracking, and even API integrations for software platforms already being used in the workflow process.

Public sector employees in the field have a more streamlined workflow with the help of this software which enables them to get more done and provide better service to customers and yield more ROI. Managers and supervisors have more tools and resources available when it comes to managing their workforce operations.

Mobile Workforce Plus is hosted on the cloud, so no desktop installation is necessary. Public sector customers can access their accounts from anywhere using a secure web login. Only certain functionalities, like handset tracking, require the app to be downloaded onto mobile devices through the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers a variety of public sector features and solutions that helps enhance your overall workforce management capabilities.

  • Wireless Forms help cut back on paper costs and inefficiencies.
  • Job Dispatching allows your team to better respond to emergencies.
  • Mobile Timekeeping streamlines clocking in and out for employees and lets you better monitor their time management.
  • GPS Tracking enables you to manage near real-time locations of staff and vehicles in the field.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers even more features in one software platform. All these features and their data give deeper insights into how your workforce is running.

The Mobile Workforce Plus software can integrate with a variety of different payroll and software systems for your professional service company. These include:

  • Dropbox
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Kronos
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • And more!

Integrating the public sector software with third-party platforms optimizes your workforce by reducing manual data entry and gaining deeper business insights into your workforce management. Manage order history and records, client lists, GPS positions of employees and assets in the field, data collection, and Mobile Timekeeping all in one software.

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