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Construction Workers

Maximize safety and efficiency when it comes to completing your workforce’s building projects using our construction software.

Mobile Workforce Plus can help your construction business enhance employee safety, productivity, and asset security, all at once. Use our platform’s dashboard to gain better insight on the precise whereabouts of your construction company’s valuable equipment and vehicles on the fly; plus, get crucial information back from the field about the status of your projects nearly instantly via unparalleled field-to-office connectivity. Maintain OSHA compliance more efficiently with digital versions of your safety checklists and help keep your construction crew safer.

Back office staff can efficiently process forms from their employees to manage the mobile workforce

In the Office

Remove paperwork delays and reduce costs when receiving information from construction sites.

Increase the productivity of your workforce by monitoring construction employees’ positions during work hours.

To keep project timelines moving efficiently, dispatch or schedule new orders to workers nearly instantly from the office.

Staff in the field can easily automate their workflows connected to the back office

In the Field

Maintain OSHA compliance using detailed digital safety checklists for construction sites.

Secure equipment like cement mixers, generators, and dump trucks with Vehicle and Asset Tracking.

Respond quicker in the event of a construction site emergency with reported GPS locations.

Field services companies can ensure they serve their customers to the best of their ability by streamlining processes within our mobile workforce management platform

Your Customers

Keep construction project deadlines on schedule via our software’s digital checklists that keep office managers efficiently updated.

Improve company image with the ability to brand MWP’s interface to your specific business.

Complete work faster using multiple included features that help increase productivity through data collection.

Essential Features

Job Dispatching
Assign tasks to construction workers in near real-time and increase your company’s adaptability through on-the-fly adjustments to crew assignments and workflows.
Wireless Forms
Document project progress dynamically with photo captures attached to digital documents. Eliminate paper costs by electronically submitting forms directly from construction sites to the office.
GPS Tracking
Know the details of your company’s everyday operations with worker locations reported on MWP’s live view map (while clocked in), and create safer, more efficient zones for your workforce to operate in.
Mobile Timekeeping
Allow your construction workers to clock in and out via their mobile devices or use Crew Timekeeping to have your supervisors process time punches for multiple workers at once on the construction site.
Keep track of equipped construction vehicles via GPS Tracking and monitor the driving behaviors of your employees to improve company image, safety, and fuel efficiency during job site transit.
See the near real-time positions of your company’s equipment and ensure that assets are where they need to be. Plus, reduce daily transport by leaving tracked pieces of equipment at sites overnight.

Whether you run a commercial or a residential construction business, our software delivers value.

MWP for Commercial Construction
Better adhere to safety and compliance guidelines by using our software’s digital forms to quickly and thoroughly complete job site checklists. Plus, enhance timeline accuracy by leaving tracked equipment and vehicles at work zones overnight, reducing unnecessary transport.
  • NFC scanning allows you to more efficiently manage inventory with easy equipment scans.
  • Monitor and update project completion percentages digitally to accurately track productivity.
  • Save time by processing performance clauses, contract letters, and building code inspections electronically.
MWP for Residential Construction
Use MWP to enhance customer satisfaction with electronic bid sheets and customer agreements that are more efficient to process, as well as with near real-time photos of project progress. Reduce costs of operation with reports about fuel usage and alerts regarding your workforce.
  • Remote clock-ins and -outs help your staff spend more time on the construction site.
  • Use our solution’s Geofences tool to draw digital boundaries around work site and ensure zoning compliance.
  • Monitor employee positions during work hours to help improve workforce productivity and output.

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Seamless Integration

Mobile Workforce Plus includes capabilities for your construction company to integrate its data with many different kinds of third-party solutions, including accounting systems like QuickBooks Online. Information collected on the MWP platform, such as timesheet data, vehicle and equipment positions, diagnostics and maintenance checklist data, and customer lists can be synced with the other applications you regularly use.

Intuit QuickBooks Online is among the many integrations connected through APIs seamlessly into our mobile workforce management platform

Integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking

Our solution is compatible with Geotab hardware, as well as CalAmp tracking devices for both vehicle and asset monitoring. It’s easy to connect these devices, and they work seamlessly in tandem with our software to provide diagnostics on fleet or equipment locations, routine maintenance, driving characteristics by employees who regularly operate company vehicles, and more. Make smarter business decisions with information gathered from secure, integrated fleet and equipment tracking.

Our powerful mobile workforce management platform integrates with Geotab devices such as the Go9 to deliver a powerful fleet and asset management platform

Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Software for Safety, Compliance, and Scheduling

Construction software helps businesses in construction become safer, more compliant, and efficient, with multiple features included in a single digital platform.

Mobile Workforce Plus, our flagship solution, helps construction companies collect data about their workforces in the field at construction sites, allowing them to make better staffing and financial decisions regarding their operations. The return on investment alone makes it worth implementing.

Unlike some other types of workforce management software for construction workers, Mobile Workforce Plus requires no desktop installation, as it’s hosted in the cloud. Construction administrators can access their accounts from a desktop via a secure login. For certain features of the solution, however, mobile app installation is required on your construction workers’ handheld devices.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers many different features within a single solution for construction companies. A few of these include:

  • GPS Tracking for vehicles, workers and equipment
  • Digital forms for faster, more thorough safety checklists and other work-site documents
  • Mobile Timekeeping for better construction site employee time management
  • Digital scheduling and dispatch options within the Job Dispatching module

In addition to these four critical features, our construction software offers many more tools besides these to help your business.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers integrations with many different types of third-party software solutions, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Kronos
  • ESRI
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • GIS software
  • And more!

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