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LBS? MRM? What Does it Mean?

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Most companies in “the biz” make it sound fancier than it really is, so here’s the short version. Both are uncomplicated concepts that give businesses the agility to save time and make money with simple cell phones and a personal computer. MRM stands for Mobile Resource Management. If you have off-site workers (on foot or

Monitoring Employees With GPS: It’s Not Creepy; It’s Job Security

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You can’t run from technology. It’ll find you. Today it will most likely find you by using GPS, wireless technology, or a combination of both. That cell phone your boss gave you? The really sweet one? It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s strictly up to you. My boss doesn’t trust

Powerful Wireless and GPS Returns Profit Almost Immediately, so Why Isn’t Everybody Using It?

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If someone mentions GPS in a conversation by the water cooler, chances are everyone will know it stands for global positioning system. However, only one in fifty will know that GPS-enabled cell phones are the simplest, least expensive way for their company to start saving money today. Characterized by tracking dots on a map, nothing

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