Security camera

You can’t run from technology. It’ll find you. Today it will most likely find you by using GPS, wireless technology, or a combination of both. That cell phone your boss gave you? The really sweet one? It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s strictly up to you.

My boss doesn’t trust me? Don’t be offended if your employer wants to catch you doing the right thing.

  • Are you confident that your co-workers are as honest as you?
  • Do you believe all employees use company time productively?
  • Would you bet your paycheck?

Stealing time = stealing money. Unproductive time takes a huge toll on corporate resources.

  • Doing more with less? Truth is, if your co-workers are doing less, you’ll have to do even more. Same pay, more work, and Bob’s joyriding around in the company truck. How fair is that?
  • When margins are constricted, unless everyone contributes 100 percent, profits fall further.
  • The real bottom line? Every wasted minute has an associated dollar value.

A safe workforce improves the bottom line. Enhanced safety measures help ensure fewer incidents.

  • Depending on the size of your company, how many accidents have occurred, and the magnitude of the accidents, your employer is paying a lot of money for worker’s comp insurance.
  • A panic button on your phone could decrease the accident or incident rate reported by your company.
  • What if a truck breaks down on the highway? Or a piece of equipment is lost or stolen? An employee is injured or in distress? Seconds count. GPS accuracy means improved emergency response rates.

Increasing productivity is everybody’s job. Pointing the finger at management isn’t going to keep your company in business. The adoption of mobile resource management software to your company will increase productivity, improve customer service, decrease expenses, secure a safe work environment, and improve your chances of staying employed. Be part of the solution. Talk to your employer about Actsoft today.

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