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Most companies in “the biz” make it sound fancier than it really is, so here’s the short version. Both are uncomplicated concepts that give businesses the agility to save time and make money with simple cell phones and a personal computer.

MRM stands for Mobile Resource Management. If you have off-site workers (on foot or on wheels), they’re mobile resources. If you have other moving assets (trucks or construction equipment), they’re mobile resources. When it costs your company money and is out of sight? Mobile resources. The management part allows you to ensure these assets are more productive.

LBS stands for Location-Based Services. When the ability to track cell phones using GPS became mandatory, it didn’t take private industry long to invent software to marry up wireless and GPS technology for business purposes. LBS is a result of that union. Among other things, LBS helps you dynamically and efficiently manage vehicle dispatch; schedule and dispatch service and repair work; monitor heavy equipment; deploy mobile healthcare; and monitor fleets.

If you have off-site employees, it’s frustrating when you can’t immediately reassign a job, reroute a delivery efficiently, or simply start the next phase of a project. Ever lose or misplace an expensive piece of equipment? Ever wonder how much more profitable your business would be if you could cut your gas consumption and virtually eliminate wasted time? I have two words for you: GPS and wireless.

Technology is friendly and extremely profitable when used to ensure a productive and efficient workforce. Contact Actsoft today. We keep it simple. You simply profit.


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