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Tackling Risk Management

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Workforce management continues to grow more complex as time marches onward. As technology increases the scope of what comprises a workforce, the risks faced by companies increase as well. These risks are areas in which the companies are susceptible to experiencing losses. Three of the most exposed areas for risk are payroll, records, and safety.

It’s Morphin’ Time! — Dispatching and Disasters

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Few franchises embody the 90s like the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” do. In an era where attitude and martial arts were huge draws to the American audience, Power Rangers was an undeniable juggernaut. With over twenty years of installments and a new movie premiering this March, the appeal of the Power Rangers is still burning

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Tracking

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Workforce management is a multifaceted area spanning wireless forms, dispatching, timekeeping, and vehicles. We have explored how these aspects work together to bolster the efficiency of a business over the course of time. This week, we focus on the final aspect of workforce management: GPS Tracking. “Knowledge is power” is an age-old idiom. Within the

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Timekeeping

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The journey to optimum workforce management is a long and difficult one. Thankfully, we’ve been able to navigate the beginning portion of our trek with the aid of two “maps” on wireless forms and dispatching, respectively. As we continue this adventure, we encounter an aspect of workforce management that can be a figurative jungle to

Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Dispatching

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Change on a single level of a workforce’s management can have effects that echo throughout the entirety of a business. As we examined last week, becoming a paperless entity can result in thousands of dollars saved. While enhancing the collection and recording of data can improve your overall processes, there remains another avenue by which

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Team?

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Getting more out of your sales team can sometimes be like pulling teeth, but if sales reps understand the company’s scope and their product, meeting daily goals can become more attainable. According to Saleswise, sales teams need to know what is expected of them in order to achieve success. Business News Daily suggests that laying out expectations of

Go Green and Save Money with Advanced Wireless Forms

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Ever feel like you are surrounded by piles of paper forms? The monotonous process of preparing paper forms for employees on a daily basis can be a drag. (Not to mention pricey!) Paper, ink, user error, and trips to and from the office to pick up and drop off forms can add up — big time. If you

No More Keeping Tabs on Timekeeping

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Manually keeping time for employees can be one of those redundant daily tasks that often leads to hassles and aggravation. Seems easy enough, but when there are multiple employees, there can be multiple mistakes. Companies lose thousands of dollars each year on data entry errors with regards to monitoring and recording employee time. Comet Tracker

Money in the Bank or Money in the Tank?

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On a national basis, the average household will spend roughly $305 on gasoline in December 2010, up 13.6 percent from last year but up a whopping 76 percent from December 2008 when consumers paid about $1.65 gal for fuel. If consumers are getting hit this hard, how do you think it affects the bottom line

How Flexible Geofences Benefits Mobile Management

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Up until now, creating customized work zones was just a dream for businesses with workers and assets on the go. Today, we're happy to announce that our development group exceeded all expectations, providing customers with the ability to pinpoint and create up to 30 individual geofence points on either standard or satellite maps. Satellite Maps

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