A manual time-punch system

Manually keeping time for employees can be one of those redundant daily tasks that often leads to hassles and aggravation. Seems easy enough, but when there are multiple employees, there can be multiple mistakes.

Companies lose thousands of dollars each year on data entry errors with regards to monitoring and recording employee time. Comet Tracker by Actsoft provides wireless timekeeping without the costly errors. With Comet Tracker, employees are able to clock in and out via their wireless devices. It is also possible for job supervisors to clock multiple employees in or out at one time. Utilizing the Timekeeping feature reduces unnecessary overtime wages, while drastically increasing worker accountability.

Comet Tracker Wireless Timekeeping enables companies to:

  • collect accurate, tamper-proof time records from employees
  • track the duration of tasks or jobs
  • control overtime
  • eliminate errors and payroll hassles
  • integrate with numerous payroll systems

Now there is no reason to waste valuable time on timekeeping.

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