A piggy bank for saving money

On a national basis, the average household will spend roughly $305 on gasoline in December 2010, up 13.6 percent from last year but up a whopping 76 percent from December 2008 when consumers paid about $1.65 gal for fuel.

If consumers are getting hit this hard, how do you think it affects the bottom line of your business? Clearly, if any part of your business is dependent upon fuel, your profits are suffering.

When employees use company vehicles for personal use, side jobs, or simply to drive around in because it “looks like work,” you lose. And now, you lose 76 percent more than you did two years ago. Most companies can’t raise prices to cover the difference, so the smart solution is to find a way to use less gas.

Now more than ever it is imperative that mobile employees are held accountable for the time they spend on the road. If that time isn’t being converted into money in the bank, it’s simply being converted to money in the tank. What is the ROI? For an average size fleet of ten vehicles, the estimated monthly savings is generally over $6,000 with a GPS tracking solution.

A GPS solution ensures that your assets are being used as you intended, primarily to bring profit to your company. It’s okay to hold employees accountable for the time they spend on the road. Especially if you’re paying them, paying for the vehicle, and paying for the gas.

Imagine if you could send your closest mobile worker to a job, reroute a truck based on a last-minute change, and eliminate three hours of wasted drive time a week. Depending on how many trucks, mobile workers, and jobs you accomplish weekly, the savings are substantial.

Actsoft’s Mobile Resource Management solutions bring an immediate ROI to businesses that need to save gas, accomplish more jobs, or simply keep their workers honest. It’s worth looking at.

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