Power Rangers

Few franchises embody the 90s like the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” do. In an era where attitude and martial arts were huge draws to the American audience, Power Rangers was an undeniable juggernaut. With over twenty years of installments and a new movie premiering this March, the appeal of the Power Rangers is still burning strongly.

A staple of the Power Rangers is gigantic clashes between massive monsters and the heroes’ equally large Megazord. More often than not, the arena for these titanic throw-downs would be a densely populated, urban metropolis. While there is no doubt the skyscrapers and bridges provide an excellent battlefield, there is a question that hangs over the course of the battle: Who cleans up this mess when they’re done?

Giant monster fights in the series tend to occur in the middle of cities without warning, much like an earthquake. Similarly, they compromise the structural integrity of buildings, roadways, and bridges along with endangering the lives of the civilians in the surrounding area. The aftermath of both of these disastrous occurrences typically breeds the following results:

  1. Damaged or blocked thoroughfares.
  2. Areas in more critical need than others.
  3. Lives in danger in specific areas of the city.

Common occurrences in times of disaster, the results that arise in the aftermath require immediate action in order to mitigate the potential costs. The dispatching processes of rescue and construction crews must operate like well-oiled machines in order to respond quickly and efficiently. In order to do so, these crews have to have:

  1. Awareness of their workforce in relation to the areas that require immediate attention.
  2. A clear map of the area in order to direct teams along the fastest routes to their destination.
  3. The ability to clearly and quickly relay information between supervisors and the mobile workforce.

Actsoft provides technology that opens the door for quicker responses to disastrous events. With our GPS tracking feature, dispatchers are granted near real-time updates to the location of their workforce in relation to ground zero of the disaster. With a well-mapped image of the area, dispatchers can coordinate their teams to respond effectively to zones of the city affected by the monster battle. This visibility allows dispatchers to ensure teams that are closest to an area are the ones to respond, reducing the reaction time. Finally, a clear and constant channel of communication allows dispatchers and mobile crews to relay information from the field. A disaster zone is a constantly evolving theater; the situation changing as time progresses. With the ability to receive real-time information from the field, dispatchers can orchestrate their team into an effective flow, instead of being bogged down in a quagmire of slow information and confusion.

The disastrous effects of a gigantic monster battle in the middle of a city, while glanced over in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, can be anything, but ignored in real life. Much like an earthquake, they come without any prior alerts and do significant damage. Actsoft’s software ensures that, when disaster strikes, your dispatching and mobile workforce is ready to “Go, go!”

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