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Powering electrical companies forward.

Electricians can automate information capture with Wireless Forms within our powerful mobile workforce management platform

Mobile Workforce Plus, our all-in-one workforce management solution, is built to help your electrical company reduce its hidden inefficiencies and serve more customers daily. It contains multiple features to help you improve your business’s operations through increased insight on happenings away from the office. Our application for electricians also enables your electrical company to gain and retain more business by helping you maximize transparency and efficiency.

Staff in the field can easily automate their workflows connected to the back office

In the Field

Complete job site inventory faster and with fewer expenses involved via digital forms.

During longer projects, use GPS Tracking to keep your trucks and equipment secure overnight.

Send information from the field about electrical installation or repair statuses nearly instantly.

Back office staff can efficiently process forms from their employees to manage the mobile workforce

In the Office

Increase productivity with detailed reports on how your mobile electricians are performing.

Set digital perimeters around frequented job sites and get alerts on daily activities in near real-time.

Adjust your electricians’ workflows on the fly as new work orders come in and availability opens.

Field services companies can ensure they serve their customers to the best of their ability by streamlining processes within our mobile workforce management platform

Your Customers

Route your electricians more efficiently, boosting response times to new customer requests.

Improve customer satisfaction with digital tools that allow you to cater more to individual client needs.

Make it easier for customers to submit electrical service requests by accepting submissions after hours digitally.

Essential Features

Mobile Timekeeping
Allow your electricians to clock in and out directly from mobile devices to reduce unnecessary overtime and allow them to spend more time working at client locations in the field.
Wireless Forms
Having digital versions of electronic diagnostic sheets, install and repair forms, and work orders reduces costs, saves time, and allows you to process information dynamically.
Job Dispatching
Send out new assignments on the fly to your mobile electricians, reducing down time. Plus, electronically schedule employee agendas in advance to give customers more accurate arrival times.
Intra-Company Messaging
Communicate with your team more securely and efficiently. Issue new instructions at will and receive updates nearly instantly from your electricians about a project’s progress.
GPS Tracking
Track your work vehicles, equipment, and clocked-in electricians to boost security, fuel efficiency, and accountability across your business’s entire operation.
Client Custom Fields
Create and sort through data lists based on categories you define. Set up to 100 different field types to reflect different types of repairs and sort by parts needed, warranty dates, and more.

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Seamless Integration

Mobile Workforce Plus includes capabilities for your electrical company to integrate its data with many different kinds of third-party solutions, including accounting systems like QuickBooks Online. Information collected on the MWP platform, such as timesheet data, vehicle and equipment positions, diagnostics and maintenance checklist data, and customer lists can be synced with the other applications you regularly use.

Intuit QuickBooks Online is among the many integrations connected through APIs seamlessly into our mobile workforce management platform

Integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking

Our solution is compatible with Geotab hardware, as well as CalAmp tracking devices for both vehicle and asset monitoring. It’s easy to connect these devices, and they work seamlessly in tandem with our software to provide diagnostics on fleet or equipment locations, routine maintenance, driving characteristics by employees who regularly operate company vehicles, and more. Make smarter business decisions with information gathered from secure, integrated fleet and equipment tracking.

Our powerful mobile workforce management platform integrates with Geotab devices such as the Go9 to deliver a powerful fleet and asset management platform

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrician Software for Work Orders, Invoicing, and Scheduling

Electrician software helps businesses in the electrical industry enhance their ability to serve more customers daily via a collection of digital features that help to automate antiquated processes like paper work orders, invoicing, and scheduling.
Mobile Workforce Plus, our flagship solution, gives electricians the power to spend more time making repairs by letting them receive new jobs and complete work orders directly from their handsets. The cost savings and daily increased opportunity to serve more customers alone makes our electrician software worth implementing into your business model.
Unlike some other types of workforce management software for electricians, Mobile Workforce Plus requires no desktop installation, as it’s hosted in the cloud. Your supervisors can access their account from a desktop via a secure login. For certain features of the solution, however, mobile app installation is required on your electricians’ handheld devices.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers many different features within a single solution for electrical companies.

  • GPS Tracking for work vehicles, electricians, and some equipment types
  • Digital forms for faster, more thorough invoicing and reduced costs
  • Mobile Timekeeping, allowing your electricians to begin their days earlier
  • Digital scheduling and dispatch options within the Job Dispatching module
  • Mobile Payments powered by Stripe, letting your electricians bill for services provided via mobile device

In addition to these five critical features, our electrician software offers many more tools to help your business.

Mobile Workforce Plus offers integrations with many different types of third-party software solutions, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Kronos
  • ESRI
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • GIS software
  • And more!

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