Electrical company manager scheduling work orders

Situation: An electrical company wanted to cut back on paper costs by digitizing their invoices to be included when dispatching jobs. Printing out invoices for drivers resulted in wasted time, errors, inefficiencies, and lost paperwork.

Solution: Using our APIs, the dispatcher can create a PDF of the QuickBooks invoice, upload it to Dropbox, generate a share link, and add the link to a field in the digital job order. TeamWherx™ offered the integration connection to the company and helped streamline their business process by taking an invoice created from QuickBooks and import it into their Job Dispatching module for a more optimized, digital process.

Impact: The company can now quickly provide their drivers with key information digitally while maintaining a connection to the actual QuickBooks invoices. Going paperless reduced costs and inefficiencies for the company so they can provide services and goods more dynamically and efficiently, increasing their ROI and overall service quality to customers while streamlining their mobile workforce’s daily tasks.

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