A keyboard with a "go paperless" key

Another rung in the ladder of a paper-free society! Trees all over the world are high-fiving each other. Just think about it. So many businesses with a mobile workforce still use a clipboard and pen to record daily activity. Once the paperwork is completed, another person has the responsibility of inputting the information into some form of a back-end system so that jobs, time, and money can be accounted for.

Wireless forms allow you to transform any kind of paper form into a wireless version, while still collecting the same exact information. It doesn’t matter how many different fields or questions you have; the whole thing can be wirelessly transferred almost immediately between a handset in the field to the office.

At Actsoft we played with lots of forms when testing and developing our Advanced Wireless Forms concept. We do that sort of thing. The results?

We turned a three-ring binder full of home-inspection forms into a digital version containing the same information. Remember the census form? Imagine how much time, effort, and money could have been saved if it were deployed in a wireless format?

Decision trees are the only trees we use at Actsoft.

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