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Today’s “improved bottom line” isn’t fueled by sales anymore. The economy has taken its toll on every industry across the nation. Because of this, revenue growth or (sadly) breaking even, is generally the result of cost-saving, not sales.

Simply said, when sales are stagnant, the money to survive has to come from somewhere. Some companies save by eliminating payroll, others by eliminating waste. Mobile resource management (MRM) gives companies the power to do both.

Automation saves on payroll. It’s been a hard economic fact for over a century. During the Industrial Revolution, many workers were put out of work or had their wages reduced because of machinery. Technological advances simply reduced the need for human hands.

It’s happening again today. Businesses that run smarter, specifically by using the advantages of wireless technology, run better. By embracing the concept, companies can do things they never thought possible ten years ago. Wireless transfers of work orders, computer-generated route optimization, digital forms, and mobile time-clock capabilities — they’re all here. They all save time and money.

And it makes sense. When information is transferred with wireless speed, response times are cut in half, customer satisfaction rises, loyalty is the by-product, and the company starts to see good things happen to the bottom line. More jobs can be accomplished daily. Dual entry goes away. Mistakes become obsolete.

“Doing more with less” is no longer a catchphrase. Companies that don’t embrace the mantra go away daily. It’s time to work smarter with Actsoft.

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