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Start using a location-based service solution in your business. Most companies show an immediate return on investment, translating into thousands of dollars over the course of just one year. Don’t believe us? Do some math with me. (No whining. I hate word problems too and I’m not very good at math. But these are easy.) By using a GPS-based mobile resource management tool,  it’s amazing how much you can save.

1. If Billy Bob has 12 trucks on the road and a simple route optimization can reduce each vehicle’s footprint by 100 miles a week (just 20 miles a day), how much can Billy Bob’s company save each year?
a) Who is Billy Bob?
b) Wow! Is that really 62,400 miles?
c) Wait, I have to take my shoes off …
d) Approximately $93,600

2. How much does it cost (on average) to drive and maintain a vehicle?
a) 12¢/mile for a donkey and cart (water buffalo upgrade for 2¢ more per mile)
b) $1.36/mile total driving expense (average vehicle)
c) $1.50/mile total driving expense (average light truck/van)
d) A is iffy, but B and C for sure

3. If Smooth Sam’s Roofing Company can reduce overtime by five hours a week per employee (he has 40) at $15 an hour (he’s cheap), how much would Smooth Sam save on payroll?
a) $3000 a week
b) $156,000 a year
c) Holy savings, Batman!
d) All of the above

4. If Billy Bob and Smooth Sam merge their companies and use Actsoft software to manage their mobile resources, how much will they save in the first year?
a) $249,600
b) If gas prices go up to $4 a gallon? A lot more!
c) What are they waiting for? That’s like winning the lottery.
d) All of the above

Answer Key

Okay, so the actual answers were pretty obvious, but just in case: D, D, B, A

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