Gas station with a fuel price sign

Coming down off the holiday season, one would expect gas prices to go down, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any relief. On the contrary, some analysts believe that $4 a gallon is inevitable by summer. It’s shocking and very disturbing.

The four largest oil companies are expected to announce earnings of $81 billion for 2010. The fifth, BP (after booking $39.9 billion in charges related to the largest oil spill in U.S. history) is still projected to earn $20.2 billion. This year is almost guaranteed to be more profitable unless there is another major mishap.

What does that mean to mobile business? Those reliant on fuel for critical services?

The cost of everything is going to go up. There’s no more cushion with today’s margins, so absorbing additional fuel-related expenses has to be passed on. Tell that to your customers who are just squeaking by on their own margins.

There is a critical need to use everything available to keep your business competitive. People who never thought to use GPS to track their delivery drivers, mobile employees, or off-site workforce are finally realizing that you can indeed save your way to prosperity.

The ROI on a good, inexpensive GPS tracking tool is almost immediate. Take a moment to research the benefits.

Or you can fight Big Oil. (Let me know how that works for you.)

Actsoft is the answer.

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