Crime scene tape

Step one to catching a great fish, or in this case criminal, is using the right kind of bait. What seems like an abandoned Honda, Acura, or Toyota can be very appetizing to a potential car thief. The strategically placed car or truck just looks too good to pass up. Coast is clear, so he takes the bait. Smooth sailing? Not quite.

What the thief does not realize is that police departments are planting GPS tracking devices into selected “bait cars.” The idea is to proactively catch car thieves. Once the bait car speeds away, the GPS tracking system alerts the police department and officers are dispatched to make the arrest.

Although the concept of using bait cars to catch bad guys is not a new one, the use of GPS technology has made the process not only safer for officers and the public, it allows officers to tend to other aspects of their patrol which may not include staking out a potential bait car.

Sounds about right to me.

Cops are on to something with this one. Drop the bait and criminals will hook themselves!

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