Communication is key.

Whether it is between first responders to a natural disaster or two people in a relationship, communication is imperative. The only way to achieve any measure of success is for all parties involved to have a strong sense of transparency by consistently and clearly relaying information with one another. The sentiment rings true even for businesses managing mobile resources.

With business entities’ extending their reach across larger geographical regions, the need for a means to organize their workforces effectively becomes even more crucial. Like the common carpenter ant colony, a business must have a hierarchy by which it adheres to in order to ensure its continued growth and survival.  In the same way that these ants establish channels of pheromones in order to relay messages, so must workforces maintain clear channels of communication in order to accomplish tasks, both big and small.

Push-to-talk is one method that has served to connect business managers to their workforce. For the last few decades, employees have been able to receive clear and concise messages at the push of a button. As technology marches onwards, the means for enhancing the effectiveness of PTT are developed and become readily available to growing businesses.

GPS Tracking – In 2008, a study showed that 94% of fleet managers did not “know the whereabouts of their fleet vehicles.” That lack of knowledge proves detrimental towards the company; higher fuel costs, payroll expenses, and poor customer service are all problems that can arise from this ignorance, all of which can cause a business to collapse under its own weight.

However, when managers introduce a GPS tracking solution to their workforce they grant themselves an increased visibility of their employees. This, in turn, mitigates losses associated with fuel consumption, misuse of work hours, and dissatisfied customers.

The true benefit yielded by GPS tracking is only available when used in tandem with a push-to-talk solution. The synergy provided by the coupling of these two solutions allows managers to not only locate their employees in the field, but also to coordinate with them effectively within a moment’s notice. The utility towards accomplishing jobs is, alone, a great boon. However, the ability for one’s workforce to react in near real-time is a priceless resource, especially in an emergency.

Managing your workforce’s movements places you in the position of a general commanding his army. Winning battles relies not on how many soldiers are in the field, but by how quickly they can receive and react to information. In the battle that is market dominance, push-to-talk solutions grant workforces the clearest and quickest form of communication. However, Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War that “When the enemy occupies high ground, do not confront him.” What better way to seize the high ground than with global positioning satellites? Combine your push-to-talk and GPS tracking solutions and seize victory.

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