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For those of you that consider yourselves Whovians, you already know the last month’s premiere of Doctor Who on the BCC was met with great anticipation. For the first time since the series was originally introduced in 1963, the Doctor — an intergalactic, time traveling, humanoid alien from a distant galaxy, with the ability to skirt death by regenerating into an entirely new entity with a different look and personality, all while retaining many centuries of learned knowledge — regenerated as a female.

During this particularly tumultuous regeneration, the new Doctor was separated from her beloved Tardis, a time machine cleverly disguised as a cobalt-blue, British-style police box. Without potentially diving down a rabbit hole chock-full of spoilers, let’s just say: The path back to the Tardis was long, complicated, and perilous.

Imagine if the Doctor, still a bit out of sorts post-regeneration, had the ability to easily track her Tardis, knowing its exact location, regardless of where — and when — it was. She would have been able to make her way back to her primary mode of transportation and resume her “career” of traveling across the known (and unknown) universe, helping those in need.

At Actsoft, one of our specialties is helping business owners keep track of their vehicles, so there are no unexpected separations that prevent business from resuming as usual. Now, while we can’t claim that our solutions would have been of service to the Doctor — we still haven’t quite nailed down tracking vehicles through space and time … yet — here on Earth, we have you covered.

When you equip your vehicles with one of our tracking devices, you add an additional layer of invisible protection. No matter where you are, you’re always able to see the exact location of each piece that makes up your fleet, in near real-time.

How is this important?

  1. During business hours, you can rest easy knowing that each vehicle is where it should be, whether it’s at a specific job site, en route to the next, or parked at the office. Furthermore, having a detailed record of your vehicles’ locations is essential when it comes to customer service issues such as, say, verifying whether your team made it to a job site at the proper time.
  1. After hours, you’re given peace of mind knowing that, if any vehicle is moved when it isn’t supposed to, an alert can be sent right to your phone. This allows you to confront the issue and rectify it, whether it’s a case of illicit after-hour use by an employee or, worse, a robbery attempt.

With equipment that is, for all intents and purposes, the backbone of your company, you should always want to do anything and everything to make sure it’s properly monitored and taken care of. When you don’t make this a priority, you run the risk of a lot of unnecessary overhead, be it more-frequent maintenance from excessive (unauthorized) use or the need to purchase replacements due to theft … and nobody wants to spend money needlessly.

At the end of the day, the name of the game is protection. And we’re here to protect your fleet, your business, and your bottom line.

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