Daylight Savings Time

For most of us, our clocks jumped ahead an hour this past weekend. For anyone who may have been awake in the extremely early hours Sunday morning, they entered the Twilight Zone that comes about when the (digital) clock jumps from 1:59 to 3:00 a second later. Technically we all lost an hour from our weekend, so hopefully the most was made with the 47-hour, two-day break from the work week.

Daylight Savings Time was implemented in the United States in 1918, though it took until the 1970s before the majority of the country, except for Arizona, accepted the practice. One of the initial ideas for DST was to “create” more sunlight after work in the summer when the days are longer here in the Northern Hemisphere. The drawback is there’s less daylight after work during the winter when the amount of sunlight during a day is shorter.

You can’t control the amount of time throughout the course of the day or control how much light a day has. Each day has 24 hours and roughly 12 hours of sunlight. DST, however, has shown us that you can manipulate the time in the day to work for you. In a similar way, with Actsoft, businesses have found ways to save precious hours and take full advantage of the workday.

“Actsoft has trimmed a four-hour process down to an hour,” said Craig Clairmount, construction safety manager of Denver Transit Partners’ Eagle P3 Project. “Before switching to Actsoft, data was unreliable. We were struggling to understand exactly what was coming in.”

In the past data transfer lagged because DTP was collaborating with multiple companies. Meeting the aggressive deadlines the collaborative set was difficult due to how long it took to gather and compile data. DTP had 45 different paper forms floating around in the field, but with Actsoft the procedure was streamlined by combining the forms onto one device using Wireless Forms.

You can’t control the length of the day, but you can take control of how the hours are used. We would like to know: What would your company be able to do with three extra hours per day?

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