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We recently announced the launch of our new Employee Safety and Wellness Program (ESWP). With it, we’re empowering businesses to help keep their staff (and customers) safer by giving them tools to effectively monitor and manage their processes, and implement the necessary changes when needed.

It’s a changed world all over, and that includes the way we expect to receive delivered packages now. The Contactless Delivery form is our response to the need for this service to continue but without requiring that each package be physically handed off to its recipient. Especially as we all strive to minimize the spread of COVID-19, anything we can do to minimize exposure — while still allowing companies to carry on with their day-to-day operations — is welcome.

The easy-to-use form gives you the ability to keep a record of all items that are delivered to customers. Plus, even though you may no longer be collecting customers’ signatures as proof of services rendered, this form gives you an added layer of verification.

Simply scan the package’s barcode (if there is one) and the customer information is automatically loaded. But, whether or not you’re using Barcode Scanning to get started, the key feature of this form is the photo capture, which lets drivers take images of the packages wherever they are left for recipients. Once this is done, simply enter your customer’s email address and they’ll receive an alert that the delivery was made, so they can retrieve their package before letting it sit out for too long. You’ll also have your record you can call up at any time.

We’re all doing our part to help keep the people around us as safe as possible. Contactless Delivery is just one of the many forms we put together to help make it easier for you.

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