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We’ve previously discussed the different digital form types our Employee Safety and Wellness Program (ESWP) offers to help you limit the amount of exposure to any potential illnesses your customers and staff might experience while business is conducted. However, our all-in-one program’s other form modules provide even more value to your company, besides just tools for a safer workplace.

The ESWP also provides solutions for better productivity across your entire workforce with its time-management form. This form type makes it easier to trace what kinds of tasks were assigned to certain employees, how long they were worked on for, and what further steps may need to be taken.

From an accountability standpoint, using time-management forms encourages your employees to keep punctual logs of all work they complete, reminding them to be mindful of how they spend their hours on the clock. In addition to helping your staff remain more accountable while they’re working on specific projects, our time-management forms can make it easier for your supervisory team to delegate responsibilities. If a certain project’s timeline is mapped out using one of these forms, it can be easier to understand and plan for future projects, as well as determine accurate timeframes for when completion should occur.

While much of the value of our ESWP lies in its ability to help keep your company and its customers healthier with documentation for contact tracing, it can also help your team stay more productive with intuitive solutions for time management. Consider implementing our simple, yet effective program today to help your company return to its normal operations in a sensible and innovative way.

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