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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, as long as you operate a fleet-based company, you’re well aware that fuel prices were at inconceivably low prices for the last few weeks, plunging well below the $2 per gallon price point. There are many reasons for that dip, but regardless of those reasons, it was a good time to be a fleet operator. However, according to AAA, gas prices finally surged above the $2 mark, and the national average is now resting at $2.03 per gallon.

While this is still well below the five-year average of $2.81, it signifies that this low-price wave may finally come crashing down, delivering with it the higher prices we grew accustomed to previously.

That being said, whether we’re experiencing record highs or unfathomable lows, there’s always room to save money by making smarter choices when it comes to operating your fleet. That’s where our software comes into the picture.

Encore gives you the ability to effectively monitor your fleet vehicles’ activity to maximize fuel consumption and reduce waste as much as possible. With Job Dispatching, administrators can see exactly where drivers are and assign new job orders to those that are both available and within proximity to the new job, minimizing the distance between jobs and, by proxy, the amount of fuel used to get there.

Fleet Tracking also gives you insight into driver behavior when they’re behind the wheel. Find out if they have a habit of hard accelerating and/or excessive speeding both of which contribute to an increased burning of fuel, which takes money out of your pocket. Once these poor habits — both of which are also unsafe — are identified, you can curb them and stop wasting money.

Another behavior you can monitor is what drivers do once they arrive at job sites. Are they just parking their vehicle and leaving the engine running the whole time? If so, that excessive idling is just draining your fuel tanks (and bank accounts) for no good reason. Our software gives you insight into this behavior so you can correct it, saving you money.

So, while it may be nice to be enjoying these ultra-low fuel prices, it’s important not to lose sight of the need to make a habit of always being as frugal as possible. While these prices can’t be guaranteed to last forever, Encore’s ability to help you reduce your expenses can be.

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