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It’s safe to say that even once in a post-COVID-19 world, things will likely never be the same for workplaces around the globe. With a heightened awareness around employee health and effective office sanitation, organizations are forced to adapt to the times with new protocols for contamination prevention, employee check-ins, and more.

Our Employee Safety and Wellness Program (ESWP) provides businesses like yours with the resources it needs to place a greater emphasis on maintaining a healthy workplace. As a result of using our ESWP, below are just three of the many benefits that can be provided to your company, all by helping your management team focus more on workplace wellness.

Keep employees and clients safer

With our software’s digital forms for employee self-health checks, contact tracing, and more, you can help ensure that staff are well enough to return to the office, and that if they were ill, that they’re far enough removed from any symptoms before they come back. By conducting digital health checks, you can more effectively prevent the spread of any potential sicknesses amongst both your customers and employees.

Stabilize productivity

Checking employee wellness in advance with our glossary of pre-built digital forms lets you to run a workplace that’s safer from any potential outside infection risks. As a result of using these to help keep your employees and work environment healthier, less individuals in your organization will call out sick, allowing you to have teams that are more consistently staffed and productive.

Reduce liability

Another benefit of conducting employee wellness checks through our ESWP is by using the solution for digital records in the event of a lawsuit or regulatory probe. Our ESWP makes it easy for you to save and reference past employee wellness checks, so that if an outbreak does occur and legal action is threatened, your organization is more shielded, as it has proof that all necessary screening protocols were followed prior to allowing office access.

Now, maintaining a healthy workplace is even more critical than ever. Our Employee Safety and Wellness Program is able to provide all the tools necessary to assist your company with this as it saves time, reduces costs, and stays more protected during the process.

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