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The next industry we’ll be taking a look at in our verticalized Employee Safety and Wellness Program (ESWP) blog post series is the transportation industry. As a vertical that is still relied on more than ever, even despite the difficulties of the past year, it’s imperative for transportation-based businesses to have a solution that enables them to weather this storm through maintained consistency, appropriate safety measures, and effective communication. Here are three digital form templates our flagship solution’s ESWP provides to help companies that are tasked with delivering goods keep their drivers safer and more efficient.

Contact Tracing Form

Contact tracing documents help you digitally evaluate who your employees have been around, particularly in the context of COVID-19 or any other airborne illness. Prior to allowing a driver to make a delivery, having them complete a quick contact tracing form from our software’s mobile device app allows you to better ensure that they weren’t in contact with anyone outside of work recently who might’ve showed symptoms of sickness, helping to reduce inadvertent illness spread.

Vehicle Sanitation Form

After a day’s work, use our ESWP’s vehicle sanitation form template to verify that your drivers went through the proper checklist of cleaning the trucks or vans they operated during their past shifts. This can help you keep your workforce healthier and more readily able to work, as your employees actively document the steps they take to keep company equipment and vehicles effectively sanitized for future use.

Contactless Delivery Form

Whenever one of your transportation company’s workers drops a shipment off, our ESWP’s contactless delivery form type lets them digitally record a proof of delivery that can help you enhance quality control and transparency for your business. This electronic document also allows the entire process to be done without in-person interaction, eliminating another potential way for illnesses to spread amongst your workforce and customers.

With the power of our Employee Safety and Wellness Program, keep your drivers safely supplying the public with the goods and services it needs to navigate through this unprecedented time. Our software solutions are constantly evolving in the transportation industry, as we strive to give companies like yours tools for efficiency and the protection of your employees’ wellbeing.

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