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Productivity is money saved and money made in business. However, it can be hard to maintain accountability and efficiency when your employees are working remotely. That’s why we’ve engineered solutions to help your management team effectively monitor your company’s day-to-day operations, keeping productivity high and collaboration strong between your distanced staff. Here are three features of our solutions that can keep your organization more productive while your workers are remote.

GPS Tracking

Need a way to ensure your staff members are only working from approved locations in the field? Track their positions during working hours using GPS Tracking. For employees who are frequenting a common job site in the field on a daily or weekly basis, you can know whether or not they’re where they’re supposed to be, helping you verify that customer needs are always being tended to.

Mobile Timekeeping

If your employees work a set schedule each day but are required to drive to a location such as an office to clock in before beginning their workdays, consider that time they could’ve spent getting more things done. With our Mobile Timekeeping feature, allow your staff to register time punches from any location via a mobile device, and give them back extra durations per morning and evening to be more productive.

Intra-Company Messaging

Streamlined communication between the office and the field is a crucial component of running a productive workforce. Using our solutions’ Intra-Company Messaging feature, you can stay in close contact with employees and assign them tasks with ease, as well as reference past conversations between members of staff to ensure that conversations remain related to business. You can even use this feature to send important messages out to your entire staff at once.

These three features of our solutions are just a glimpse of how you can maintain a highly sustainable level of productivity across your remote workforce during its routine operations. Use Actsoft solutions to manage more efficiently and keep your employees’ accountability intact.

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