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Identifying and setting a priority level for your organization’s various tasks is a key way to ensure your employees know which jobs to work on by the level of importance first. Here’s an effective method for identifying initiatives, organizing them, communicating progress, and keeping track of what’s been completed.

Make a list of tasks

Prior to selecting what tasks are most important, it’s smart to get a bird’s-eye view of every initiative each department in your company has. This will allow your management team to then weigh the significance (and immediacy) of what needs to be done, once they’ve factored in the timelines of every project on the table.

Organize them based on importance

After taking a look at the overall scope of everything that’s needed to be worked on, it’s easier to identify what’s most pressing for your organization. What needs to be done first to align with company initiatives? As questions like this come into focus, getting the input of each member of your management team will be essential to choosing which projects are most important.

Communicate them to your team

Once each initiative has been outlined by priority, effective communication becomes even more crucial. Make sure each team member who will be assigned to the project at hand knows exactly what the ask is, as well as any deadlines. (Plus, for an intuitive tool for communicating on the fly with your employees, use our solution’s Intra-Company Messaging feature).

Update progress accordingly

Whether it’s via a project management software, a whiteboard, or an email chain, it’s important for those in your organization to know when something’s been completed so that lower priorities in the progression can be worked on afterward. By ensuring everyone in your company’s management team is on the same page when a project is done, everything moves forward smoother and with the full knowledge of each respective leader.

Our solution offers tools to help your team get valuable data about your workforce and use that data to identify key priorities for your organization. It also provides additional features to help you stay more connected to your mobile employees during working hours. Learn more today about what we can do to help your company accomplish more via a live, personalized webinar today.

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