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With even more of a reliance on online shopping this holiday season than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see how companies tasked with gift deliveries could potentially become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of volume being requested. However, for future holiday seasons (as well as day-to-day operations), our software’s new Client Custom Fields feature can be used to streamline orders, as well as put organizations in a better position to be able to fulfill more of them.

Save entry instructions.

Client Custom Fields can help package-delivery companies run more efficiently by allowing them to save certain instructions on how to enter residential neighborhoods with specialized access. Storing these notes on all future work orders helps delivery drivers that are dispatched to these locations have all the information they need to make more expedient drop-offs, while also helping to reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communication from the field to the distribution center.

Manage large orders more efficiently.

For larger orders needing to be fulfilled, Client Custom Fields makes it easier than ever to segment data based on certain categories you choose. Shipping companies can group customer data sets by things like order type, location, and more to make understanding trends and updating information in bulk easier to do.

Sort inventory by certain categories.

Inventory management is so much more efficient with Client Custom Fields. Sort items by categories you define, and with our solution’s Barcode Scanning tool, your company can even use mobile device cameras to scan barcodes for materials. Streamlining inventory management with our solution helps speed up the entire process and reduce costs from not having to purchase additional equipment for code scanning.

Client Custom Fields provides delivery companies with better methods to handle the influx of shipments that each new holiday season brings. Use it, along with all the other features our application includes, to run a more efficient operation.

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